Zingerpay Social Impact Programs

Making Social Impact: One Community at a Time
  • Modular Poultry Program: Our modular Poultry empowers women in the community with a Turnkey 100 Bird Cage Unit. The units are stocked with the initial bird population of 100 and feeds as well as medication are provided by the Cooperative society to the Unit Owner.

    The Unit owner are trained on Standard Poultry Operating and Hygiene Procedures and are responsible for the daily poultry maintenance and operating activities.

    Compliant Unit Owners are able to expand their operating with additional modular Units of 100 Birds up to a limit of 500 Birds owned by a single owner.

    Egg production from the Units are purchased at market price from the Unit Owner by the Cooperative Society and after decudtion of operating costs the net proceeds are split between the Unit Owner and Cooperative Society on a 50:50 Basis.
  • Precision Agriculture Drone Pilot Training: : Precision Agriculture is the use of drones and Internet of Things capabilities to digitize farm operations to improve Crop Yield and overall Farm Management Practices. This program trains our enrollees on how to operate drones and other IoT devices leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities.

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